8 Most Happening Handbag Trends for 2018

This year there has been a multitude of innovative shapes, sizes, and prints along with some timeless classics as far as handbags are concerned. The fashion week showcased everything from tiny Thumbelina bags to huge duffel bags as well as the backpacks and fanny packs made a comeback. So, we have shortlisted a list of the most happening handbag trends of the year to help you stay upgraded on the handbag fashion front.

Animal Prints and Furs

Designers have featured their handbags with either animal prints or fur. Everything from leopard print to zebra print to plush fur will be taking over the bags. The color schemes and the unusual shapes in which these bags are available to make them even more exciting.

Extra Small Purses

Another unusual handbag trend is that of the tiny Thumbelina handbags. You might think what could possibly fit in them? Perhaps some coins and a lipstick. But that is not the point when you follow fashion. However, if you need to carry stuff you can pair them up with larger versions.

Duffle Bags

Some women prefer to take along bags which can accommodate their beauty and fashion must-haves conveniently. Duffel bags are the handbag trend of the year for such women as they look stylish without compromising the practicality.

Fringe and Tassels

Fringes and tassels have been the rage this year from clothes to jewelry, shoes and even handbags. There is a huge variety available in this style from tassels all along the sides of the bags to tassels studded with metal.


The classic snakeskin handbags have also made a strong comeback this year and women have already fallen in love with them. These bags are available in a vast variety of color schemes as well as prints that would definitely make you think of getting a snakeskin bag this year.


Clutches are the next most glamorous handbag trend of the year which is available in a plethora of happening shapes and sizes. They are mostly held in hands despite having decorative straps and are perfect for most of the formal events.


Backpacks have made a major comeback for the most youthful look this year in both the sporty and casual as well as glammed up versions. You can get a version that best suits your needs and makes a youthful style statement with it.

Fanny Packs

Many designers have showcased the fanny packs this year and they made to our list for the practicality that they offer. You can get a sleek wallet sized one or a colorful and striking one that would complement your outfit in the best way to make a style statement while carrying your essential with complete ease.

So, go ahead and follow the handbag trend or trends that you love the most among our list. You are sure to make a style statement with any of these by putting your best foot forward.