Men’s Bags Fashion Trends for 2018

Collecting bags was once considered to be an exclusively female hobby. But not anymore as we men also need a convenient yet stylish carrier for our must-haves. Designers are continually developing updated designs for that matter. We have brought you a list of the latest men bag trends to help you stay upgraded on the men’s bag fashion front.


The luxury backpacks have always been the most utilitarian yet stylish mode for carrying your everyday kit to the gym, work or even airport. There are plenty of versions available in the market from the sleek ones to the more rugged ones to suit different needs from going to the gym to going for a hike.


The carry-all bags have become all the more stylish while providing you with the practicality to carry all your stuff for a night or two away. These bags are a necessity rather than a luxury and provide the most durable and timeless style to carry all your essentials while traveling. These bags come in various styles and incorporate pockets to keep all your items on a tablet to laptop safe. Not only do they provide you with great practicality but take your style game up many notches.


The modern briefcases have adopted a much laid-back look for staying relevant and competing with the various other styles becoming more popular these days. A softer shape has replaced the sturdy box with rounded edges to make it a smarter edition to any city roster’s bag collection. These bags are available in black and brown shades with laptop sleeves, pen holders, and various other pockets to keep your smaller essentials from getting lost. In short, briefcases really need to be a part of your bag collection if you are an office person.

Grown-Up Satchels

Satchels and messengers bags are also trending but you need to carry them properly to avoid looking like a teenager. This bag is a classic, masculine as well as practical with its plenty of useful compartments and hence suits the modern day needs in a perfect manner. Investing in a great leather satchel would pay you off well as it can stand up to the rigorous daily wear and tear and can be worn across the body for easy carriage as well as statement-making style.

Luxury Totes

The last but not the least on our list is the Luxury Tote which is the best and smart alternative to a backpack as it provides the same practicality with the added feature of looking like a messenger. You can go bold and experimental with the tote as you won’t be carrying it on your body but at an arm’s length. So, experiment with prints, logos, and slogans to make a unique statement.

Use these amazing men’s bag trends of the year as an inspiration to enhance your collection and add the ones that you already don’t have. Choose the one that suits your needs the best without compromising your style.