Top Children’s Fashion Trends for 2018

Gone are the days when parents would decide what their younglings would wear, be it a party, a wedding, or just another day at school. Today’s generation knows the ongoing fashion trends better than their very own parents, and try their level best to dress according to the latest fashion trends. In order to bridge the information gap, we decided to come up with a concise yet holistic list of children wear trends for the year 2017; so that you no longer have to wonder what your kid meant when he/she said he/she wanted a “Bomber” jacket.

Adult-like dressing

With a very self-explanatory name, this trend has been our favorite since the time of its origin. Dolce and Gabbana took the lead this year by introducing their children wear collection by the very name ‘mini-me’ which featured little kids wearing the same clothes as their parents wore. The trend was later followed by Dior and many other brand names. So for the time that’s left of the year 2017 – and with festive season just around the corner, you can surely try this fun trend with your kids and make the most of the time of the last month!

Street fashion

Remember the bomber jacket from the very start of this article, well this one’s about that. Street fashion is all about dressing up funky that it grabs the attention of those around. No it doesn’t mean deviating from norms, but it means producing one’s own style; layered clothing, loose jackets with jeans, stockings, statement necklaces/bracelets, sneakers –and caps with cool logos make up for one of the street fashion looks.


Yes, jackets have been the in thing this season. From denim to parachute – children clothing stores have been bombarded with a myriad of designer jackets throughout the year – each featuring a unique design. From very feminine ones in pink to rather unisex ones in denim, jackets are a must buy for the year, and very smart buy because they are sure to last long.


For girls, it has been floral throughout the year. Frocks, dresses, tulles, jackets, tops – you name it and the floral mania has got it covered – in case, you haven’t bought your kid something of this sort, then maybe it’s time you did so. For boys it has been the same as it has been for men; the old school check has made a comeback along with the pull-down plain polo shirts.


Believe it or not, sweatshirts have made it to the top 5 trends of 2017. Dolce and Gabbana introduced an amazing range of sweatshirts, featuring their logo and paired it with pants. You don’t have to buy your kids high-end ones though you can go for rather cheaper ones and get 10 in the price of one – while your child enjoys his day at home!