Vacation Fashion Tips

How do you choose an outfit that’ll be pleasant and comfortable enough to take along on vacation, but trendy enough to keep you from feeling lifeless? A slinky, tight dress may look great at the nightclub, but may be a little too uncomfortable for walking around sightseeing in Times Square all day.

Vacation outfits are always tricky, and need to strike just the right balance between comfort and chic, with just the right amount of sophistication so nobody knows you’re a tourist. Your goal – although it may seem impossible at first – is to create an image that you just pulled your favorite outfit out of your closet, rather than a suitcase; that you’re not dressing yourself with limited options that you threw together at the last minute before getting on the plane, and that you embody that effortless look that is usually only achieved with great forethought.


The breeziest and most elegant chic silhouettes consist of lightweight short-length rompers and jumpsuits. Looking like a tourist? No way. It won’t matter that you’re really from Peoria, you’ll look like you live in Midtown Manhattan. Other tourists will be asking you for directions, assuming you know where you’re going and that you really do belong there. Ladies wearing the overpriced tee-shirts they just bought from the kiosk on the street will look at you and say, “Oh, let’s ask her about the best restaurants around here! She can’t possibly be a tourist. She looks too good.”

You can also grab your bright lace-up sandals with a simple white bohemian dress that’ll ground your appearance, be it on relaxing beaches along the California coast, or the scenic and historic cities in New England.


You have a fundamental footwear dilemma. Yes, you love your shoes. You have at least a dozen pair in your closet at home, but you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking. At the same time, you want something that will look good with most of the outfits you’ve taken along with you. Never take the charm of espadrille flats too lightly. These are great for going around the city while you’re busy exploring.


What about handbags? You know you’ll be picking up souvenirs along the way. Even though you don’t look like a tourist, you still need to bring home that pair of “I Heart New York” shot glasses! That glamorous little handbag you take with you to restaurants back home isn’t going to cut it, you need something with some space. Bring one that’s large enough to fit all your basics, but still comfortable enough to carry around all day long.


When you’re on a holiday, cutoffs go with almost anything— even with that hot boho top with a deep neckline you originally wanted to wear with heels. Dress as romantic as you wish to for a night out.


Simple walking sneakers and sandals in pastel/neutral hues will go with any dress in your suitcase.


Though it might be warm where you’re going, it wouldn’t hurt to carry a denim jacket as the perfect layer. Even if you don’t slip it over, it adds a glam style to your outfit when tied around the mid-section – and if your all-day bag is big enough, you may just be able to stuff it inside if you don’t want to wear it.


Go crazy while playing with prints! Consider your patterned items as neutrals on your vacay, and have fun. You’d be amazed at the eye-catching looks that’ll come together at the eleventh hour.


Leave the expensive jewelry and diamonds at home (safety first!), but that doesn’t mean your fingers and neckline have to go without. Fashion revolves around accessories. Whatever you do, don’t forget to add a cool pair of shades or sleek silk scarf for your neck or head and top it off with a cool summer hat.


A flouncy ruffled dress with matching sandals and a wide belt will make you feel like a princess; perfect for a formal tour, like visiting a high-class restaurant or theater.