7 Handbags Every Woman Must Have

Collecting bags can easily be regarded as one of the favorite tasks for every woman. You need to have a bag for every occasion as well as mood and for that matter, a collection of your handbags is usually regarded as a work of art. Keeping in view the importance of handbags in a woman’s life, we have put together a list of eight must-have bags for every woman.

The Classic Black Bag

A simple black shoulder bag having a sleek look is a must-have for every woman. As it can be your go-to bag for so many different occasions particularly your daily activities from office to a lunch date etc.


A Neutral Toned Tote

You can use a neutral colored tote for more than one occasion from an office meeting to a lunch date or a parents’ meeting your kid’s school. You will also love it for the practicality that it provides.


You can zip up of your belongings into a contemporary hand clutch. This pouch can really enhance your on-the-go loo while you take your must-have easily wherever you go.

Bucket bag

You need to have a cool bucket bag in the collection of your handbags to help you lead a relaxed and peaceful weekend. You can use it anywhere whether you decide to go for a brunch with your girlies or need to get something from the boutique.

Colorful Bags

If you are looking to add a punch to your overall look, then go for a colorful bag which will help you add just the right amount of edge to your overall look to let you stand out. Add other matching accessories, for instance, add yellow sunglasses if you are carrying a yellow bag for an enhanced and edgy look.


Backpacks are great and practical for carrying your stuff around while adding the most youthful touch to your look and is available for both the sporty and casual as well as glammed up versions. You can get a version that best suits your needs and makes a youthful style statement with it.

Cross Body Bag

A cross body bag is a must-have for every woman for the events and occasions that would need your hands to be totally free. Adding this essential to your collection of bags will help you to get more cocktails at your next party and even get more photos.

So, go ahead and add these must-have bags to your handbag collection. This collection will help you to be ready to rock any event without having to worry about it the last moment.